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Pairing the Seven Levels to Their Emoji Equivalents

Jan 16, 2022

There’s a growing consensus within the educational psychology universe that people can be divided into four camps of preferred learning styles: visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and reading or writing learners.

For the sake of this blog entry, we’d like to introduce a fifth type: the “distracted by modernity and its technological trappings and can only pay attention to information packaged neatly in emoji form learners.”

In an ideal world, this breezy, emoji-ful guide to understanding the Seven Levels of the Seventh Level Engagement Framework would take seven seconds to digest and fully grasp. We don’t think that’s necessarily doable, but hey—let us know if you’re an expert speed reader!

First, Start With Your Seventh Level Statement—✍️

This is your bold proclamation about who you are and what you stand for—and it’s what you want customers to identify about you and connect with you over!

Now, onto the Seven Levels:

Level One: Disengagement—🙅‍♂️

“This isn’t relevant to me, but I’d be willing to pay attention to something that was.”

Level Two: Unsystematic Engagement—🤷

“I don’t see what you’re getting at. I give up.”

Level Three: Frustrated Engagement🚶

“Wait, what’s that over there?”

Level Four: Structure-Dependent Engagement—🙋

“I guess I can do that, since you asked.”

Level Five: Self-Regulated Interest—🤑

“Cool! Free stuff!”

Level Six: Critical Engagement—💪

“I’m inspired by something you said. I’m brand loyal, I’m in.”

Level Seven: Literate Thinking—😍

“The holy grail of engagement. North Stars collide.”

 If after reading this, you are feeling like this 🎉 - then head over and take our certification course and learn how to engage your audience using the Seven Levels Framework. 

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