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Your customers now have tools at their fingertips which allow them to amplify their criticisms, feelings, and thoughts about your company. 

Customers have always had the chance to give feedback, but now these customers have their own audiences, their own feelings, and this directly affects you!

Our premiere course provides a step by step process to understanding customer engagement and how to apply that to your business. Led by serial Entrepreneur and best-selling author Amanda Slavin, this course motivates you beyond the "how" and shows you "why" intentional connections matter in every aspect of customer communication and lead to brand loyalty that helps you grow a long lasting and successful venture. 

Get certified in customer engagement by enrolling in our premier course and learn how to connect to your audience in a more 
meaningful and intentional way.

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Our Roadmap propels your business.

Need an investment? Want to launch a product? Looking to increase your audience size? This course is for you!

Personas & The Customer Journey

Your customers make your world go round. Learn how to identify who and where they are, what makes them tick and how to keep their customer journey seamless. 

Design & Messaging Analysis

You may know who your customers are- but are they actually listening? Attention in our busy world is finite- we show you how to focus on key areas of your message. 

Customer & Competitor Analysis

Your competition talks too. It's time to listen.  Take a deeper look and understand how they provide content to their audience and your potential customers.

Incentive & Influencer Strategies

Are you asking too much, too quickly? Learn not just the how- but when- to insert key calls to action (CTA's) into any part of your media incentive strategies. 

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Meet Your Instructor: Amanda Slavin

Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of CatalystCreativ. I'm also the best-selling author of The Seventh Level, which serves as a Framework to understanding customer engagement. I believe everyone is an entrepreneur, they just need the lessons to understand how to apply this thinking to reach their goals. I have spent over a decade on a mission to move the classroom beyond four walls and out into the community by working and advising everyone from Fortune 100 CEOs to startups. I'm here to introduce you to a new way of measuring and using business engagement as a foundation to build a successful venture- no matter if you are a company of 1 or 100,000. CatalystU brings our proven academic Framework directly to you, with step-by-step guidance for anyone looking to strengthen personal and meaningful connections in your business and everyday life. My goal is that our Framework will unlock the potential for you to reach your goals while catalyzing others to do the same. Everyone deserves the right to be an inspired, active participant in their own lives and that starts with YOU.

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After taking this course I feel empowered to create meaningful connections with my customers in an authentic way aligning with my own values and beliefs.

Dustin C.

OnBoard / NFT Artist

Whether you are a seasonal entrepreneur or just starting out, I recommend CatalystU and the fresh concepts it provides for achieving success in your business.

Sonya T.


CatalystU provides a holistic course, Framework and Roadmap that is dynamic, hands on and applicable. They help you connect the "why" with the "how".

Aaron S.

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