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Confused by growth marketing? Looking to improve your customer journey? Social audience un-engaged? Wanting to inspire others? This series is for YOU!

Deep Dive: Level 1

Growth Marketing


Take another look at your audience to better understand your business, your competitors and refine your message. Learn from a leading expert who works with DTC Fortune 100 companies on their targeting and strategies on how to get in front of your key demographics.

Led by: Vincent Bourzeix
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Deep Dive: Level 2

Innovative Branding


Learn how to create your very own personal brand. Develop a unique message that resonates with your audience- in your work and in your everyday life. After working with Biossance and other leading startups, these thought leaders are ready to give you the secret to authentically presenting yourself to the world.

Led by: Rebecca Bartlett 
& Vannett Li
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Deep Dive: Level 3

Limiting Distractions For Business Growth


Get inspired with someone who knows how to create success- no matter the obstacle. Learn how you can grow and successfully scale your unique business with former Australian Special Forces leader Raphael Schmideg. Let him show you how to present your business to investors, raise capital and grow your marketing and outreach through authentic connections. 

Led by: Raphael Schmideg
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Deep Dive: Level 4

How Brand Impacts Your Digital Strategy


Learn from brand development expert Farryn Weiner, formerly of worldwide brands like Michael Kors and Sweetgreen, on how to develop your business into an interactive relationship with your customer through digital marketing and social media. This session focuses on creating brands with a comprehensive consumer view. Farryn is the current CEO of Farrynheight, an innovative brand marketing agency. 

Led by: Farryn Weiner
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Deep Dive: Level 5

How Experiences Can Shape People's Lives


Understand the role that experiences play in crafting your brand's story. Nitika Chopra is the founder of Chronicon, a media and events company, dedicated to elevating the lives of those living with a chronic illness. Since the start of her entrepreneurial journey Nitika has hosted her own TV talk show on Z Living called Naturally Beautiful, hosted over 40 events with hundreds of guests in attendance and has created dynamic partnerships with over 150 brands in the wellness space.

Led by: Nitika Chopra
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Deep Dive: Level 6

Thought Leadership


Former MTV VJ and media personality Quddus teaches you how to use your authentic voice to set goals that can transform your life and the lives of others. Take a deeper look at the connections in your life and discover how you want to impact the world with your business and your brand. This former Tedx speaker provides steps to channel your energy and leadership into positive conversations that educate and inspire.

 Led by: Quddus Philippe
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Deep Dive: Level 6

Leading From a Place of Wholeness


Amina AlTai, a holistic leadership and mindset coach explores Level 6, Critical Engagement. Level Six is characterized by a person feeling inspired enough to set goals to make a change in their own life. Critical engagement is a moment of enlightenment. It’s a level where someone is inspired and catalyzed to set goals to transform themselves.

 Led by: Amina AlTai
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Deep Dive: The Seventh Level

Sharing Your Personal Values: Your Mixtape


Telling your story authentically is one of the most critical things that you can do as both a business and as a personal brand. Former Obama White House Policy advisor and current Facebook Associate General Counsel shows in this session how your personal values reflect and positively influence your professional life.

 Led by: Julie Wenah
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Deep Dive: The Seventh Level

How Empathy Connects Yourself With Others


Empathy has become one of the more critical skills needed in today’s workforce. Empathy brings perspective, allowing you a deeper understanding of your customer's journey, preparing you to support them and elevate your relationship with them. An ardent steward of personal and professional development, Michael Ventura is frequently engaged as an advisor to leaders, teams, and corporate boards at moments of transformation and change.

 Led by: Michael Ventura
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