Video Resources

Want to learn about the levels but short on time? Co-founders Robert Fowler and Amanda Slavin break down each level in these bite-size video clips.


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Seventh Level Resources

Want to explore the Seventh Level more? Check out our free resources below.

Seventh Level



The Seventh Level Engagement Framework provides you with the language you need to define and understand engagement, as well as a springboard for elevating connections up the ladder of distinct engagement levels.


Catalyst Statement Document


Your Seventh Level Statement is akin to many companies’ mission statements, but it’s not enough to spout off what you offer to customers in a practical sense. You need to clearly and concisely convey your core beliefs and values—what motivates you to do what you do.


Personal Catalyst Statement

It’s not easy to distill your entire essence into a sentence or phrase. But how can you expect people to connect with you if you aren’t able to clearly articulate what you stand for? Think about when you feel most alive, when you feel most like yourself. That is your personal Catalyst Statement!