Inbound Marketing: Unlock Authentic, Meaningful Customer Engagement

CatalystU and Hubspot have partnered together to provide the course 'Inbound Marketing: Unlock Authentic, Meaningful Customer Engagement' that is based on the Seven Levels of Engagement. In this course, you will learn how to use the Seven Levels to increase customer participation and to advance your customer journey.

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In this course, students will focus on delighting their most engaged followers through a loyalty program. Having lifelong fans is something that every business wants, but very few focus on. Using the HubSpot tool stack, students will go through the process of identifying champions for their business, engaging with those people, and highlighting their ambassadors in their marketing efforts. 

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A Course Teaching You the Seven Levels of Engagement


Level One:


Level Two:

Unsystematic Engagement

Level Three:

Frustrated Engagement

Level Four:

Structure Dependent Engagement

Level Five:

Self-Regulated Interest

Level Six:

Critical Thinking

The Seventh Level:

Literate Thinking