Our Partnership with HubSpot

CatalystU and HubSpot have partnered with the HubSpot Education Partnership Program to develop Brand Engagement courses and an in-depth Social Media audit. These opportunities will allow students to apply the proprietary Seven Levels of Engagement Framework concepts they learn in class to real world scenarios, along with the ability to earn CatalystU certifications that will put them a step ahead of their peers.

Want more education? CatalystU offers online courses to ignite your inner entrepreneur.

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Brand Engagement Courses

Courses Developed by HubSpot & CatalystU

In this course, students will focus on delighting their most engaged followers through a loyalty program. Having lifelong fans is something that every business wants, but very few focus on. Using the HubSpot tool stack, students will go through the process of identifying champions for their business, engaging with those people, and highlighting their ambassadors in their marketing efforts. 

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Level One Course:

Break Through Disengagement with HubSpot Ads

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Level Two Course:

Direct Website Traffic Using Pillar Content

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Level Three Course:

Use Contextual Messaging to Solve Frustrated Engagement

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Level Four Course:

Structure Dependent Engagement With Instagram

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Level Five Course:

Brand Partnership With Email Nurturing

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Level Six Course:

Critical Engagement With HubSpot’s Social Media Tools

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The Seventh Level Course:

Harnessing the Power of Brand Evangelists

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A Deeper Dive Into The Seven Levels:

Download all seven levels of the Brand Engagement course

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Free In-Depth Social Media Audit 

An Audit Developed by HubSpot & CatalystU

Immerse your students in an in-depth social media audit to strengthen their understanding of brand engagement and awareness. Interested in learning more? Click here.

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Additional Seventh Level Resources

Want to take a deeper dive into the Seven Levels of Engagement? Check out these additional resources to learn more about the Framework and how it can catalyze your life.

Free Intro Course

An introduction into the Seven Levels of Engagement. Learn how to generate interest in your brand and advance your customers from disengaged to brand champions. When you're done, your customers will be shouting your name from the rooftops!

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Informative Videos

Now you can take a deeper look at the Seven Levels of Engagement. Our video series highlights key elements and strategies from the Seventh Level Framework that you can view and apply to your business right now.

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Statement Generator

Everything you do begins with your Catalyst Statement. It helps serve as your North Star, representing your values, beliefs and purpose to guide you in developing your brand and catalyzing the community around you into action.

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Adding Personal Touches To An Event

The co-founder of CatalystCreativ, Robert Fowler, tackles the value of engagement in experiences in this blog. Learn how personal touches can make an event memorable from an engagement expert.

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