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Level 4: Structure Dependent Engagement

engage stage level 4 seventh level framework structure dependent engagement Nov 25, 2021

Our blog series featuring each of the ‘Seven Levels of Engagement’ has reached a new phase. We’re now ready to ‘Engage’. We’ll start in Level 4: Structure Dependent Engagement.

Let’s turn your attention now to engaging those customers you worked so hard to identify and obtain. Level 4 is built around engagement that is dictated on simple calls to action or tasks that your customers can complete. The goal of these tasks is to further their customer journey, because we don’t want a customer to only complete simple tasks forever. At this beginning stage of the ‘engagement phase’, we need to not overwhelm the customer. Our focus should be on simple tasks, or completing easy interactions that don't require a lot of effort or incentive. Our CatalystU course can help you define these using our Roadmap tools.

If a customer engages with you at this Level, it shows that they are an active participant and will at least give consideration to your clear requests. This consideration doesn't just happen overnight. Remember, you've worked in Levels 1, 2 and 3 to build up that trust. You've caught their attention. You've established yourself as something that is worth their time. It’s important to determine at this level what someone's time is actually worth. Quick answer? They're not ready to invest a lot of time in you. Not just yet.

That's why at this level, you're looking for simple calls to action. Oftentimes, this can be done through social media. But keep in mind, you should not be simply ‘going through the motions’ of posting on social media. Your business wants to create a social media conversation that has depth and purpose. Not just calls to action. At CatalystU, we often talk about ‘vanity metrics’. Those would be your standard likes, comments, and shares.  They have their place in a complete and robust marketing campaign, but they're not telling you the whole story. Metrics can't measure brand awareness and loyalty.  

Ask yourself this simple question: are you able to put out content but are worried about a lack of response? Are you getting actual engagement in your business social media account? Taking a step back and starting with simple interaction can often lead to further engagement.

As an example, let's consider creating a business social media campaign which is being executed through Instagram. In Levels 1, 2 through 3, you've determined that Instagram is the best way to reach your target audience. When thinking about a look and feel for the campaign, your business should select imagery that resonates with your audience, is consistent with your message and promotes your brand. Your image can include a simple call to action in the caption- remember, something which requires little to no commitment on the part of the customer. You could ask for a comment on the post in response to the image. You’re looking to start a conversation. It’s important to reply and engage with those who interact. This activity serves two purposes, it does fulfill the ‘like and share’ metrics, but it is designed to be deeper than that- it starts a two-way conversation. You need to see your customer as someone with whom you would like to interact and they need to see you and your brand as worth their time and effort. Why? Because people aren't meant to stay at Level 4. By encouraging their participation, you are bringing them closer to a higher level of engagement and incentivization in Level 5. In our next blog, we’ll review how you can sweeten the deal- for both your customer and your bottom line.


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