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CatalystU was developed by the award- winning community design agency, CatalystCreativ. Our established track record with Fortune 500 clients, start-ups, and non-profits, we have proven ourselves as engagement experts. We believe in providing a learning platform that grows and enhances your life and business, motivating you to seek out and discover your passion and what you can offer the world. We're on your team and we see you. 

Our Statement:

As an online learning platform we stand for education focused on creative thinking and problem solving that moves beyond the traditional classroom. We strive to inspire and ignite others to reach their full potential through our belief that entrepreneurship is a mindset within us all and understanding engagement unlocks personal and professional growth.

Our Framework

Everything we do is developed through the lens of the academic, award-winning The Seventh Level Framework. Our system for understanding and harnessing engagement has been shared with over 1400 professors in partnership with HubSpot's Education Program and  taught in leading Universities and educational institutions. Our methodology provides a completely different way to measure success. Everything we do allows you to build connections that drive action.

It's a Process.

We make it simple by dividing the Seven Distinct Levels of Engagement into three main buckets that set your business up for success.


Learn how to identify the blind spots that keep you from attracting potential customers.


You've found them! Now learn how to build a relationship with your customers to keep them coming back for more. 


Activate your audience into a community of inspired brand advocates that help you build your business.

Enhancing Customer Engagement  

Get to know the Seven Distinct Levels of Engagement that will make or break a successful business venture: 

Level 1


Level 2

Unsystematic Engagement

Level 3

Frustrated Engagement

Level 4

Structure Dependent Engagement

Level 5

Self-Regulated Interest

Level 6

Critical Engagement

The Seventh Level

Literate Thinking

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