The Seven Levels of CatalystU


Level 1-Disengagement

Let's talk about attraction in business. What brings you to the table- and keeps you there? Think about a brand you feel a fundamental connection to. It might seem simple, but at one time that brand evoked a certain response from you that now keeps you coming back for more. Harnessing the power of that connection and engagement is a powerful tool that every business needs to be successful. But how do you get there? How do you get your customers to champion your brand and your cause?

CatalystU breaks this process down for you into seven easy steps. We call them the ‘Seven Levels of Engagement’. This blog series will take a look at each individual level and why your business can’t grow without them. These interconnected levels provide a path for you to attract, engage, and eventually delight your customers. This Framework has been proven over 10 years of agency experience, thousands of hours of thought leadership outreach development and has been taught in major University programs. It’s proven to work- it’s a guided path which guarantees business success. CatalystU was designed to take the ‘secret sauce’ of  each individual level and bring it directly to you. 

Let’s start by tackling Level One. In CatalystU, we have a name for this level, it’s called ‘Disengagement’. You’re just not reaching the right people. Or, if by chance you are reaching them, they are not interested. It’s a non-starter- they’re unimpressed, non-communicative and idle. So how do you grow out of this Level and progress down that engagement path?

Understanding your Catalyst Statement can help you define your unique value proposition and present it to the world. CatalystU takes you through this process and helps you define your core values, beliefs and ethics. We know you're unique. Your business has its own definitive, singular proposition. You have your own special values and you have your own sense of identity. We help you channel that in our CatalystU Level 1 Roadmap activities. 

Once you’ve got your eye on the prize and defined your business, you’ll know who you are and what you stand for- that’s when you can use those tools in Level 1 to help define your audience. Ask yourself this question: How are you attracting people to you? Where are your target audience members living? How do you meet them where they are?

Through understanding who you are, you’re better equipped to know who your competition is. You can understand how to talk to your potential audience members. Even better, you can understand how your competition is talking to them. What tips and tricks are they using? The whole goal of CatalystU is to help you continue down this path and advance to the next level with your customers. Level 1 is all about understanding fundamentally who you are, Level 2 is understanding how you're presenting your message to the world. 

CatalystU discusses both engagement and business, guiding you when you don’t even know where to begin. Creating personas for your brand is another key element to Level 1. What if you don't really know your audience? Even worse, what if you think you know your audience, but are feeding them a steady diet of content that is ineffective. Maybe your business has changed and your message needs to adapt? Maybe the pandemic has shifted your focus? Identifying those unique challenges and values are the first steps of the CatalystU ‘Attract Phase’. Level 1 provides the fundamental foundation your business needs. Now it’s time to look at Level 2- understanding your competition and how they're talking to your customers. It’s time to get smart about your communication! 

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Ask CatalystU Instructor and Serial Entrepreneur Amanda Slavin

Amanda Slavin

Author, the Seventh Level, CatalystU Instructor

Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of CatalystCreativ. I'm also the best-selling author of The Seventh Level, which serves as a Framework to understanding customer engagement. I believe everyone is an entrepreneur, they just need the lessons to understand how to apply this thinking to reach their goals. I have spent over a decade on a mission to move the classroom beyond four walls and out into the community by working and advising everyone from Fortune 100 CEOs to startups. I'm here to introduce you to a new way of measuring and using business engagement as a foundation to build a successful venture- no matter if you are a company of 1 or 100,000. 

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