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CatalystU is an online learning platform focused on customer engagement that grows your business. 

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Learn How To Use Engagement To Grow Your Business

CatalystU is an online learning experience designed to inspire you to think like an entrepreneur using practical applications developed through the lens of the award-winning Seventh Level Framework. Developed by the experts at CatalystCreativ, the agency that curated hundreds of speakers for premier festivals and events, and launched thousands of interactive sessions for a variety of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500.

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Our proven Framework has been taught in MBA University programs, by Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and startups and referenced in countless professional presentations and TED Talks. 

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CatalystU Thought Leaders will expand your knowledge on each level taught in our Premier course, this series provides valuable insights and deepens your understanding of how to utilize engagement in specific everyday business practices. 

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Business growth process

Our step by step process starts by building your business Catalyst Statement , which serves as a guiding force to help you reach the pinnacle of engagement with your customers. You'll go from customers scrolling past your brand on social to shouting your name from the rooftops.

Impacting your bottom line

Learn how to use engagement to impact your bottom line. Whether you are looking to raise funding, acquire new customers, launch a product or get a promotion, this Framework is designed to help you understand how business engagement leads to professional success. 

Changing the way you learn

We've tested our proven curriculum in MBA programs and Universities throughout our education partnership with HubSpot. We believe in the power of an education beyond four walls that's focused on creative thinking and problem solving which moves beyond the traditional classroom.

Custom Business Roadmap

Our premiere course provides you with a fully customizable roadmap to set your unique business up for success. Steps to complete are explained through a sample business case study. Download, edit, print, and share for as many business projects as your entrepreneurial heart desires.  

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Real Results From Real Entrepreneurs.

A few words from individuals that have put our Framework to work: 

Whether you're a brand new to the world of business or a seasoned entrepreneur, The Seventh Level and CatalystU will equip you with the tools to make genuine connections, and authentic relationships with your customers. The skills you'll build and the mindset you'll learn from Amanda will transform not only your marketing efforts, but turn customers into lifelong, loyal brand advocates. What more could you ask for?!

Mike G.

Head of Education
Kiddie Kredit

CatalystU's Framework has uniquely provided our lean, start-up team with an actionable process of bite-size strategic prompts to successfully identify and implement ways to improve our marketing, customer experience and product strategies. Their framework has not only helped our team get quick wins but also empowers and motivates us to aim higher - to build relationships with our customers that will eventually convert them to loyal brand advocates.

Kaycee M.

Director, Growth Marketing
Carrot Fertility

As a social entrepreneur, traditional growth frameworks fail to capture the "feel" that actually determines how my business is doing. CU builds a bridge between the science and the art of entrepreneurism in a way that no other marketing course I've taken does. I actually find myself more interested in metrics after taking this course because I have a framework that positions them as a means and not an end. 

Noah P.


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